A Look at Cervical Cancer- Staging and Treatment

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month focuses attention on second leading cancer killer of women

Cancer is one of the diseases which most people are afraid of. Are you among them? Today, over lakhs and lakhs of deaths are reported each year due to cancer. However, compared to men, the death ratio of women dying from cancer is much more. And most of the cases reported are of the breast, ovarian and cervical cancer types. Of all these, cervical cancer is caused by HPV or Human Papillomavirus, which is usually spread by sexual contact. If you end up finding warts in any part of your body, make sure to visit a doctor, for warts are the initial symptom signifying the presence of HPV virus in the body.

HPV virus, if not treated properly, can result in cervical cancer. When cancer is diagnosed the same is accessed with staging. This helps in determining the level of cancer metastasis which means determining the organs that are affected by cancer along with the cervix. Cervical cancer usually calls for surgery followed by radiation therapy. Thus, diagnosing the exact stage is essential for moving ahead with a proper treatment in the future.

Stages of Cervical Cancer


Though the staging of cancer cannot be exact, it is looked upon as a good attempt to determine what should be done next to helping the patient. Also, other prominent factors need to be taken into consideration along with staging. Here is a brief on the stages of this Joey Feek cancer type, as she was a victim of this disease.

Stage 0- It is the stage when the cancer is just at the basic level. At this stage, only abnormal cells grow in the first layer, i.e., the outer layer of the cells lining the uterus.

Stage 1– Though confined still to the uterus, the cervix gets involved partially at this stage. Stage 1 can be divided into 6 groups, as per the tumor’s size. They are IA, IA1, IA2, IB, IB1 and finally IB2.

Stage 2- At this stage, the cancer spreads to the nearby regions, though confined to the pelvic region. Stage 2 is divided into 2 groups- Stage 2A and Stage 2B based upon whether the cancer cells have made their reach to the vagina and the pelvic region.

Stage 3– This stage indicates that cancer has metastasized beyond the pelvic region. And similar to stage 1 and 2, this stage is also divided into two sections depending on whether or not cancer has covered 1/3rd of the vagina (stage 3A) or beyond the pelvic sidewall (Stage 3B).

Stage 4- At this stage, cancer makes its way to the other body organs. Depending upon the organs that are affected, stage 4 is further divided into stage 4A and stage 4B.

Remember that with the stage number growing, the cancer is spreading more and more and stage 4 is when the patient requires aggressive treatment. However, at this stage, the chances of survival become very low. So, whenever you end up encountering any symptom of cervical cancer, make sure to visit the doctor for help.

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