Some Basic Do’s And Don’ts When Pregnant

Stress at the pregnant woman at home

The doctors will definitely give some proper advice on how to remain healthily pregnant throughout those months and they will be doing proper tests and will be providing medicines if necessary.

There will be plenty of advices flying towards you when you get pregnant. People will ask you to do a lot of things and follow a lot of rules and most of them are not at all necessary. One can get a few tips from pregnancy magazine in Hindi though.


Here are some basic things that are a good idea to follow when one is pregnant.

  • The food is very important in this tenure. Remember, what you eat has a direct effect on your child. Eggs are not a very good thing in pregnancy. Raw eggs are mostly coated with bacteria and salmonella which can cause vomiting, diarrhoea and fever. Do not go for soft egg scrambles and some sunny side up but you can go for fully cooked eggs once in a while. Fish is very important when pregnancy diet is concerned. However, there are some varieties which should be avoided when one is pregnant. Fish which has high omega three fatty acid contents are very good as it helps in baby’s brain development. Try to avoid sea fish which has not much higher omega contents. You have to eat a lot of leafy vegetables in this period.
  • There are many guidelines on how to eat well. You can follow them when you have problems. If you have a sweet tooth then you have to definitely check yourself at least after the second trimester. You may take sweets but you have to check the amount of it. If you ever do it, then you can suffer from gestational diabetes which is not a good thing.
  • One can have a lot of dried fruits in their pregnancy diet. This helps you to have instant energy and it also has a lot of fibre in it. They have a lot of dietary calcium in them and as a result they are very beneficial in pregnancy.
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol once you get pregnant. This will indirectly affect your baby’s health. So keep out these two things for the period of nine months and even after the delivery if baby as you need to breast feed.
  • It is not a good idea to take medicines on their own when one is pregnant. If one feels any kind of uneasiness and be it any kind of minor problems like fever or headache, they should not go for medicines and decide on what to take. Every time they need to consult a doctor so that they can give them the right medicine. Otherwise a wring decision can affect the baby.

One can get pregnancy tips in Hindi from some health magazines but before following them, consulting a doctor is a must.